Vaults Made Easy

Aside from being the custodian of your community's vital records, there are many other duties you must perform to keep the town functioning. Small towns rarely have a surplus of personnel to take on new projects. Starting a new initiative to acquire a vault to protect your current vital records and historic archives can be a daunting task. You may be wondering: what kind of vault do I need to protect my most valuable information? What about future record media requirements? Who will design the vault? Who can install it? Who will coordinate with the general contractor and others involved in the project?

FIRELOCK has been working with municipal and county governments of all sizes for over twenty years. Our experience with government acquisition processes can eliminate a lot of the potential pitfalls that add to the project's time, expense and aggravation.

We work with each individual client to design the vault configuration that fits best fits their needs. Because each vault is custom manufactured it is possible to design and build vaults the exact size the client requires, down to a fraction of an inch. If the vault needs to go in an existing room we can design the vault to fit the room's exact dimensions to maximize the vault's interior space. Or the vault can be designed to accommodate a specific shelving layout that is planned for the space. Either way, there is no additional cost for custom-sized vaults.

For every vault project we create CAD drawings that show all dimensions of the vault, where it fits into the existing building structure, the door location and all the components that go into the vault. After these plans are approved by the customer we provide copies for the architect, general contractor and any other project participants that need a copy.

FIRELOCK vaults are a highly specialized product that must be constructed to exacting standards in order to certify the vault as achieving its fire protection rating. Where do you find qualified vault installers? You don't have to. Every vault we sell is assembled by our installation crews, so you know when it is completed the vault is done right. Our installers will meet with any other tradesmen to discuss how their finish out work should be done to ensure they do not compromise the integrity of the vault.

One other benefit that FIRELOCK brings to municipal projects is an understanding of the often lengthy acquisition process involved with any public works endeavor. We are accustomed to working with town clerks throughout the planning, budgeting, bidding and other processes necessary to make their secure record vaults a reality — no matter how long it takes. Because we know there is great satisfaction when the project is successfully completed and the custodians know they have done the right thing for their community.

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