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A Vital Resource — The Firelock Affinity Network

To further help businesses effectively manage today's world of risk, we are proud to be associated with a network of high-tech media storage companies across the United States who offer their clients the incomparable protection of a Firelock vault.

This Firelock Affinity Network ("F.A.N. Club") serves as a vital first line of defense, offering unparalleled security for valuable and fragile media. For proactive companies that already own a Firelock vault, the F.A.N. Club acts as additional assurance that on-site and off-site records are afforded the same fail-safe protection. Typically, the well-informed organizations that entrust F.A.N. Club facilities with their most critical business information are able to keep a step or two ahead of their competition because they recognize that the cost of replacing even their backup data would be devastating to the financial health and general vitality of their business.

The F.A.N. Club is continually expanding to offer maximum protection in many major U.S. cities and regions. Current listings of all F.A.N. Club facilities can be found below by selecting the different regions.

Firelock approved offsite storage providers are ready with the ultimate protection for your data, media, paper, film, vital records and other irreplaceable items. Contact the F.A.N. Club member of your choice!

Click an area on the map to find a F.A.N. Club member near you. The entire F.A.N. Club list is also shown below in alphabetical order by state.

Firelock Vault Offsite Storage Providers
Click here for international F.A.N. Club members!

Craddock Moving & Storage
Mike Craddock
2841 Cullen Street
Fort Worth,TX 76107
Phone (800) 654-9145
Fax (817) 332-6502

DocuData Solutions, LLC
Brian Rathe
7777 John Carpenter Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone (214) 678-9898
Fax (214) 678-9669

SafeGuard Data Storage
Mike Craddock
2843 Cullen Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone (817) 665-0802
Fax (817) 649-7438

VeriTrust Austin/San Antonio
Michael Marchand
Phone (210) 651-6928

VeriTrust Corporation
Michael Marchand, VP Operations
P.O. Box 22737
Houston, TX 77227
Phone (713) 263-9000
Fax (713) 263-9030

WesTex Document, Inc.
John Miller
815 S. Gilbert Drive
Lubbock, TX 79416-2128
Phone (800) 280-7532

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