Media Security Overview

There was a time when protecting information was a lot simpler. Files (mostly paper) were easily stored in basic reinforced concrete vault systems. Increasingly, most of today's vital corporate information is stored in electronic format. While these formats make the storage of operational and archival information much more compact and efficient, most storage media are extremely fragile. They require precise levels of environmental control when stored. In fact, when exposed to extreme heat, those same concrete vaults that once protected paper files will create steam, destroying any magnetic or digital data.

Today, protecting and easily retrieving critical information assets are absolute requirements for businesses to survive, despite the odds in today's marketplace. According to recent statistics, 71% of companies whose data processing facility is destroyed by fire or other disasters never recover from the loss, or fail within three years.

FIRELOCK® vault systems are specifically designed to protect magnetic media and other electronic storage systems by securing the vault chamber environment and preventing excessive temperatures from jeopardizing the integrity of the media being stored. FIRELOCK® vaults are engineered to address the challenges presented by today's technologies, corporate facilities and ways of doing business.

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