Town Halls, Government & Historical Archives

Since 1985 our vaults have been entrusted with the most valuable historic records and artifacts by municipal, county and state agencies. The room-sized fireproof vaults manufactured and installed by Firelock® are ideal for protecting historic documents, historic artifacts, microfilm, film masters, computer backup tapes, server rooms and any other heat-sensitive assets.

Why is Protecting Deed Books Critical?

Here are some examples of the valuables entrusted to Firelock® vaults:

  • Original 17th century land purchase agreements between colonists and Native Americans
  • Countless irreplaceable documents, microfilm and microfiche records for towns and counties all over the U.S.
  • Backup tapes for municipal, county and state agencies
  • Artifacts from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • George Washington's personal papers
  • The Texas state archives, Indiana state archives and the Washington state digital archives
  • Vital documents and media at Oak Ridge National Laboratories
  • Historical Archives of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum in New Gloucester, Maine

Town clerks and other government records managers have a unique role in the preservation of the history of our nation. They are the custodians of historic treasures from the generations before them, sometimes with records dating back to colonial days. More recent records are also important windows into the history of a community. The deed books, maps, land grant documents, and birth, death and marriage records in the archives of each government office are usually the only copy of those records.

The record custodian also faces issues that their predecessors did not. In addition to safeguarding historic records, they are responsible for protecting records in digital format, such as magnetic media and other heat-sensitive materials. The storage environment for both historic documents and digital media must be controlled to prevent damage due to excessive heat and/or humidity within the vault. That is why Firelock® builds vaults that not only protect these vital records (in whatever form you may have) from fire, they also provide a stable environment to maintain the optimum climate for these materials.

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