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IT Security is Now the Law!

data and system protection

Data and system protection is mission critical for your most important hardware and data processing environments. To insure the survival of real time information assets and assure the continuation of the IT environment a protective chamber should be used for your IT hardware and systems. FIRELOCK with its long history of protecting fragile computer media has assisted many organizations in safeguarding their server environments, jukebox and silo hubs and co-location facilities.

Recent laws such as Sarbanes Oxley impose harsh penalties on CEO's and CFO's who allow the data media and information assets of an organization to be destroyed or lost for any reason. Heavy fines and criminal penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment make it mandatory that corporations address the issue of protecting data centers and data archives. Government statistics in this legislation reveal that 93% of all information assets start as digital records and only 30% are ever printed to paper. SEC requirements of treating email as business records imposes and even heavier burden on IT professionals to protect information in all its locations and formats.

The very image of your organization and its stock value rely on a professional and fail-safe program of protecting mission critical information systems technology.

The FIRELOCK IT Environment provides a fireproof, heat insulated, magnetically shielded, Zone Four Seismic Data Protection Chamber that is used at the highest levels in the United States Government to protect vital information and hardware assets.

The FIRELOCK Affinity Network also assures that a nationwide network of secure, professional offsite media storage vaults exist for immediate storage needs. Protecting your assets on-site and your media off-site provide a complete system for security of your vital information systems. No one else offers this level of protection and design planning.

The security of this program protects your officers, Board of Directors and the shareholders.

The cost of a FIRELOCK Data Chamber is often less than the raised floor and mechanical systems and is a necessity in today's “World at Risk!”

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