Protected by Firelock

Historic Records in Lyme, Connecticut and Nationwide

Since 1985, Firelock Vaults have been entrusted with the most valuable historic records and artifacts by municipal, county and state agencies and other historical entities. Room-sized fireproof vaults manufactured and installed by Firelock yield ideal protection for documents, artifacts, microfilm, film masters, computer backup tapes, server rooms and other heat-sensitive assets — essential support to the work of Town and County Clerks across the country.

Case in point: Deed Books and other irreplaceable records of Lyme, Connecticut. This town holds rare documents and local treasures dating to the 17th century:

  • Deed Books necessary to the proper recording and transfer of real estate
  • Grant Books, ancient property tallies traceable to England’s Doomsday Books
  • Collections of fragile and valuable artifacts
  • Plus important modern records on paper and sensitive electronic media.

When Lyme refurbished its Town Hall, a Firelock Vault was chosen to safeguard all these treasures, delivering key benefits:

  • Protection against fire, smoke, heat, water leaks, intrusion, vandalism and theft
  • Climate-controlled space to forestall mold, mildew and deterioration of old records
  • Modular construction, enabling it to fit available space and be enlarged as needed.

Lyme’s 30’4” x 16’ x 8’ vault, with built-in vapor barrier, is made to withstand 185-mph wind and earthquake. In severe fires, the door and vents close automatically; inside temperatures would not exceed 125°F. It reliably controls temperature and humidity to maintain parchment, vellum, vintage paper, plus computer media, microfilm and sound recordings. It’s all protected for generations to come — and a custom-designed Firelock Vault can do the same for you.

Click here for a full report on the Firelock Vault in Lyme Town Hall.

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