What’s Protected

Fireproof Data Storage

Paper Records

In addition to vital records for the corporate world, litigation files and contracts, FIRELOCK vaults protect rare archival documents, land deeds and architectural drawings.

Digital Media

Firelock Vaults protect the world's largest collection of digital media, both on-site and off-site. Source code and escrow software are also safeguarded. Recent trends include server arrays and disk-to-disk mirroring being protected within our vault chambers.

Servers and Other IT Infrastructure

More and more mission critical information is stored on high-density disk arrays, much of which is never taken out of the data center on backup tapes. The loss of this information could be catastrophic. Protecting server equipment can also mean the difference between being off-line a few hours or waiting for days to get new equipment and perform a bare metal restore.

Priceless Items

Some of the most unique archival collections reside in our vault chambers. FIRELOCK is proud to protect the world's most valuable collection of Stradivarius violins and cellos and the largest collection of early American impressionist paintings, as well as historical documents and maps that record the birth of nations.

Film Masters

Whether it be glass negatives, still photos, animation cells or full-length films, FIRELOCK has engineered solutions to provide not only the fire protection but the environmental controls to ensure the long-term survival of the fragile originals.

Core Programming Code

Source code for software programs must be protected even if the company that developed the software ceases to exist. FIRELOCK facilitates the process of third-party storage repositories with its FIRELOCK Affinity Network.

Biological and Stability Samples

FIRELOCK plays an important role in the health networks. From protecting genome and DNA sample sets to stability drug samples, FIRELOCK fireproof vaults protect materials that must survive for generations.

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