Available Ratings

FIRELOCK has been designing and installing vaults since 1985. Since that time, our technology has advanced greatly from providing vaults that are capable of protecting paper documents. These vaults are Class 350 Four-Hour Fire Rated, meaning the vault interior will not exceed 350°F (177°C) for a four hour duration and with heat exposure of up to 2,000°F (1,000°C).

FIRELOCK is unique in that we offer a Class 350 Six-Hour Vault for clients' special high-risk needs.

FIRELOCK is also unique in that our vaults provide a Class 125 Fire Rating for a minimum of two hours, but as vaults increase in size, the vault rating increases in duration. Our 28' x 28' x 8' vault will deliver a Class 125 Four-Hour Rating. This is four times the protection that a typically constructed data safe can provide.

FIRELOCK — as the pioneer in protective fireproof vaults — was the first to develop a vault chamber that could endure a five hour fire. The significance of this is that many of our competitors discuss fire rating in terms of 90 minutes or two hours, but fail to mention that to survive this period they requested the testing laboratory to turn off the test furnace at 60 minutes.

All of our vaults can endure five hours of fire testing and then be exposed to heavy fire-fighting hose streams. ASTM E-119 Test Protocol and UL 72 Testing Procedures were employed. No other vault chamber can provide this endurance and survive to protect your media assets.

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